How good is Gettysburg's Computer Science Program?

Just wondering what the reputation of Gettysburg’s Comp Sci program is. I am thinking of transferring there in the fall.

According to College Navigator, they don’t issue computer science degrees:

Just curious, but how did you land on Gettysburg as a place to transfer to?

I attended Montgomery College in Maryland for two years and then transfered to a private liberal arts college in Indiana where I’ve attended for 3 semesters. I don’t really like the school in Indiana and I live in Maryland so I’m trying to find a school closer to home that I can transfer to. I want a school that’s similar in type to the one I attended before so that I won’t have as many wasted credits from transferring.

I don’t know how accurate the site you’re looking at is, I checked their website and they offer a BA and a BS in Computer Science.