How good is IU's Chemistry Program?

Hi, I was recently admitted to the College of Arts and Sciences at Indiana University (Direct Admit) and was wondering how good IU’s chemistry program is? I was also wondering how challenging the course curriculum is Chemistry. I was also just given a $4,000 scholarship which is one of the reasons that I am seriously considering this school, while I wait on my Purdue Engineering decision. I’m in state and my stats are a 4.2 GPA (W) and a 3.87 GPA (UW). My sat however is only an 1180 with a 620 in math. I’m hoping that schools have been willing to overlook this because of my solid extracurriculars plus my high level of academic rigor.

Niche rates it 120 of 651. I’m sure it’s a very solid program like any other state school…

If you want to be an engineer, I’m not sure why you would consider it. You can get into lots of programs with merit to keep your cost down. And you can apply places test optional.

Look at Alabama, UAH for mid size and Arizona. Also Miss St and Arkansas. Iowa State is another and sends acceptances within days. To stay closer to home Cincinnati, Kentucky, UTK.

No issue with IU. It’s a great school. Bit if you want to study engineering I assume chemical), then why not study engineering?

Congrats on IU bit chase your goal!!! And do t wait for Purdue. Get your safety nets in asap. And check each school for admission and merit deadlines.

Good luck.

Thanks, I’ve also been accepted to UK and Trine for Chem Eng., and also IUPUI for biomedical eng. I’ve been on the fence between engineering or just a science degree.

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It’s easier to go from Eng to science than vice versa.

Many drop out of STEM period…up to half of engineers. But if u think you’d possibly be an engineer and review the career outcomes…I’m sure they’re much better in engineering than straight chem…get your data together.

Engineering is brutally hard bit if you want it you can do it. You can’t do it at IU though.

So to me UK - assuming you like the big state school and all that comes is a nice fallback to Purdue.

Btw my son inexplicably chose Bama over Purdue. School is hard but he had the same internship he’d likely have gotten at Purdue last year after 2nd year and is going back this summer.

My point is - u prob think UK is a step down from Purdue and perhaps it is. But I promise you their engineers are doing fine. My former boss’s son went there …is employed in Cincinnati and some microscope from a class project somehow ended up at the space station.

Good luck to you.

I’ve heard that IU’s chemistry department is having severe funding issues and they’ve considered dissolving the program altogether.

I hear I’ll be a make model. But it’s not happened. Not pics on magazine covers. . It’s just hearsay.

I would call. Talk to the department head. My daughter was told this about a diet at our school. The edit head laughed.

Talk to a few professors etc

Hearsay is dangerous.

I actually ended up getting into Purdue FYE so no need to consider IU now :slight_smile:


With an 1180 day ? Wow. Good for you. Congrats

Luckily it was a holistic review, so I think they looked past my SAT… But I was stunned to say the least, and am very excited, and thank you!

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Update: Got into Rose Hulman


Congrats on all your excellent opportunities!!!