How good is IUs CS program?

I am currently debating between IU Bloomington and UIC on where I should study computer science. I’ve heard mixed opinions on both with many people saying their job output is not as good. Has anyone had any past experience with IUs comp sci major that they can share with me?

Not sure if the link will open set as I have it but

I set to Bachelor CS

75% employed. 15% in school. $76520 avg salary but it’s different by region. In CA it was $118k for example.

Interestingly interns in CA earned $45 an hr. In Indiana, $19.

Thanks for the information! Is there any way to get this info for UIC? I haven’t been able to find it on their website.

It looks like they have 2019 most recently - and they don’t break out majors so it’s inclusive of engineering since CS is in the engineering school.

You can email them and ask for a more recent report.

Employment Outcomes | Engineering Career Center | University of Illinois Chicago (

IU CS (the Luddy school) is excellent.
I can’t imagine professional outcomes for CS majors would be different from UIC and in fact I’d imagine that, adjusted for COL, IU graduates do very well/better.
Most importantly, compared to UIC, it’s a residential campus that offers you the typical college experience where you have 4 years to grow and learn.