How good is LSU? Do they have an honors program?

Would i get as good of an education as I would at like wisconsin or penn state?

It depends. What are you going to study? Those 2 you names are toward the top end of US colleges so maybe not quite.

Business major

You’re a Conn resident right? You seem to be looking for OOS publics to attend. What are your parents saying about paying? Are you looking at LSU for merit money?

Do you have an ACT 30? In another thread you say that you have a 32. What do you have and are you retesting?

LSU’s overall reputation simply isn’t as good as Penn State’s or Wisconsin’s. HOWEVER – and this is the key point – you asked “Would I get as good an educations?”. Not too many undergraduates come even remotely close to capitalizing fully on the educational/intellectual resources of any major university (some do, of course, but they are exceptional). Accordingly, it’s likely you’ll depart any of these schools with essentially (not precisely) the same “education.” This, however, does not address important areas including the academic quality of your fellow students or the faculty, lifelong networking, and the perception – whether accurate or unfair – that LSU is a “football factory,” whereas Penn State and Wisconsin have some academic stature in addition to a stong gridiron tradition.

LSU is a great school–plenty of extremely successful people graduated from there but one thing I’ve realized as an older person is that there is some significance to LIVING in the area where you went to college. This enables you to have a network of connections. For example, my sister graduated from SMU undergraduate and graduate school. She continued to live in the Dallas area and now works for the university in a high level administrative position. She has a huge network in Dallas so it was a great benefit to her being an SMU graduate. My brother graduated undergraduate and law school from LSU and has stayed in Louisiana therefore enabling him to keep the contacts he made at LSU. He has been hugely successful (financially and personally) with his LSU education. LSU and south Louisiana is a culture unlike anything you may have ever experienced and may be strangely unfamiliar (but possibly fabulous) to you. This is just something you will have to think on and decide…