How good is the Barron's for the SAT Math section?

<p>I consider myself good at math so i think i can get a 750+ with the right preparation, that is why i want to get a really good Prep book. I hear that the Barron's is pretty good for math. What about the Crtiical reading, are there any recommended books? I have the Blue book right now. Thanks</p>

<p>Most recommendations go to Dr.Chung's. Maybe you should try that?</p>

<p>I heard that Dr. Chung's SAT Math book is good, but can it get me a 800 on math?</p>

<p>You THINK you can get a 750?</p>

<p>You CONSIDER yourself GOOD?</p>

<p>Look, I'm sorry, but I thought I was in the exact same position as you are. And my score is a 680.</p>

<p>So why don't you take a practice test and see hoq you do</p>