How good is the Honors program at UConn

How good is this program?

I’m just curious if somebody in the Honors program would be challenged at the same level as if they were in a school that was more highly rated. UConn is a good school and I know that rankings are not everything, but US News rates UConn as #64 among national universities - would the Honors program be like a top 50 or top 40 school?

you still have to go into the general population at uconn so consider that.
i know i would be frustrated remember its a 54% acceptance rate, youll feel like youre in the 13th grade with B students at bestI In honors you will have some quality people but then youre still in the middle of nowhere with cows.

Storrs has a lot more going on there now than it did in the late 80s when I attended.

We thought in the “middle of nowhere” was actually a good thing to help focus on academics. But the town was very nice, safe and a 45 min drive to more urban locations.

That is my justification for not wanting to go to UConn! The cows LOL! But, in reality, it is a very good school. At my school, most Vals and Sals go to UCONN, so there will definitely be smart people.