How good of a school is..

<p>Washington U?</p>

<p>They keep sending me pamphlets. They saw my PSAT score and would like for me to attend some of their summer mathematics courses and some leadership classes. My summer is already booked for this year so I will not be attending. I receive many emails from them as well..There is also a program I could attend that would give me a general insight of the school that I can go to during the summer after my sophmore year. </p>

<p>So, how good is this school? I just completed my freshman year of high school. Should I consider attending these programs?</p>

<p>it's a very good school, not sure if the programs are worth going to but it's definitely worth considering for college.</p>

<p>Any programs that require a substantial amount of money are usually just good opportunities, but nothing that will set you apart as an applicant. They send these pamphlets to anyone in the country that has decent PSAT scores, so don't get too excited, just keep on working hard and maybe eventually they will accept you if you decide to apply. Congratulations on your PSAT scores though, they don't send these pamphlets to everyone who took the test.</p>

<p>Thank you both! I think I will attribute my summer time to volunteering instead..</p>

<p>That's a great idea. Just remember, attending college programs may give you a little extra knowledge, but volunteering can change a life, and there is no price that can be put on that</p>

<p>Thanks=] I also am thinking along the lines of a school with a good premed program.</p>

<p>My dream is to become a surgeon. I have yet to specify the exact type of surgeries I would like to perform though.</p>

<p>Excellent idea, volunteering is a much better use of your time. There's a lot of people out there that need help.</p>

<p>It's good that you know what you won't to do, but you have plenty of time, and many people change their minds on what they want to do. Just focus on school and also on having a good time, and eventually everything will take care of itself. You have two and a half years before you have to make a decision</p>

<p>I have wanted to be a surgeon since my teacher told me what a surgeon does in the 3rd grade :) but thanks alot! both of you!</p>

<p>Washington U is an awesome school. If you go to Forbes College Rankings its on there as the best unis. It might be that or another list.</p>