How hard is a college class compared to AP classes in high school?

<p>I'm taking my first APs for high school this yr and I'm not doing as great as I thought.I'm guessing college will be a little harder? I think I'm going to go to a CC then transfer so are AP classes like classes in Community brother said class is easy but he just started like 3 weeks ago and didn't take AP in HS.</p>

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<p>It depends on how difficult the AP teacher makes the course, and it depends on how hard the college course is. I've had joke classes and I've had ridiculously difficult ones. There's really no way to tell. Also, this forum likes to make people think that community colleges are easier than universities. Just because it's a community college does not mean it will be any easier than a 4-year school. Just keep that in mind.</p>

<p>It depends on your abilities, the subject, the teacher, the school (how competitive it is)... You can't really get a definite answer.</p>

<p>It really depends on how difficult your high school is. I have friends who attend notoriously difficult schools, and graduates of those schools often say that college classes are a joke compared to the ones they had in high school. However, my school's courses are not very rigorous, and graduates of its AP program often go on and flunk.</p>

<p>My Physics teacher, who is a Georgia Tech PHD and also a professor at a local college, put it this way. AP courses and college courses are designed to be the same level. However, a typical AP course gets ~250 hours of class time... a typical college course has to cover that same material in 50 hours. So while it does depend on your abilities, the teacher, the course difficulty, etc., a college course will generally be more difficult than a comparable AP course.</p>

<p>Is a whole year of an AP class in high school a one semester class in college?</p>

<p>No comparison. AP level (the only uniform way to measure this is the exams) is generally somewhat below college level, and that material is far more compressed in the college setting.</p>

<p>The thing is, you take less classes at a time in college and you don't have a ton of busy work. There are a lot more variables you have to consider. My college classes so far have been generally easier than my AP classes in high school because I don't have a lot of homework and I have more time to study. The content level in upper division classes is definitely harder but usually when you compare AP and college you're comparing the college equivalent of AP (introductory courses).</p>

<p>Your level of interest and how hard you work will determine your success. I actually had a higher GPA in college than high school because of the quality of the college courses and my elevated interest.</p>

<p>@ Semperfi15. Yup. Doesn't sound very good when you put it that way, but it does add up!</p>

<p>^ AP Calc BC is equivalent to one year of college calc, if I am not mistaken. So, it depends on the AP class.</p>

<p>Wow thanks everyone..I'm failing APUSH and barely passing AB Cal but I was thinking of taking U.S history at a community college this summer to make up credits but that's less time to learn the whole class hopefully I don't waste $</p>