How hard is a gov major?

<p>How hard is the government major at Cornell? I'm a potential transfer, but I was wondering if it was as easy to maintain a ~3.8 in as similar schools' polisci departments. Thanks</p>

<p>I can't compare it to other political science departments, but the Government major is relatively easy compared to other majors at Cornell. A 3.8 in the major isn't terribly difficult as most classes seem to have a median grade of an A-.</p>

<p>Just because it may be easier than other majors at Cornell, that definitely doesn't make the major easy. If you want to major in Government, do it because it interests you. Not because it will potentially keep your GPA up.</p>

<p>I think that Gov anywhere is a lot of reading and writing, so if you're good at that (versus more quantitative thinking) then I guess you'll be okay.</p>

<p>The reading for Govt isn't too bad. Depends on the course, but the range is probably 75-150pgs per week. Plus quite a few majors get away with not doing most of the reading (though then it's harder to get a good grade obviously).</p>

<p>What you should be really worrying about is the potential math, science, and language requirements you'd have as an A&S student. Since you would be a transfer, you may not have as much of these to manage, though.</p>