How hard is AP euro?

Basically I’m a highschool senior trying to place out of some GW college classes. The main one which seems like a pain in the butt class is a study of western traditions, which i need the ap euro test to place out of.</p>

Should i go for it and take it? I really really SUCK at history (highlight of college is going to be no more history :D), but I’m decently smart (got three 5’s last year) and am good at memorizing stuff.</p>

I only need a three on the exam which is the main reason im thinking it shouldnt be that bad. But you tell me, is it? Could i get a three by just reading the AP book?</p>



Yeah you can definitely take it and do well if you’re only aiming for a 3. History is all memorization anyway, and if you’re good at that you should be fine with the AP Euro Exam.</p>

I had a really good teacher and read through a review book once and got a 5, so I’d imagine without a good teacher, a 3 is manageable.</p>

You should take AP Euro all of it is straight memorization and making connections thats about the jist. I took it last year as a sophomore and got a 4.</p>

it’s very difficult, IMO, I managed a 4 with great effort.</p>

Really depends on your teacher. I have a great teacher right now and I’m getting about 70 percent on past multiple choice tests without reading the book. I’m prety sure with some dedication it shouldn’t be too hard</p>

not just the teacher, because my teacher was outstanding, really highly esteemed in his field. and yet the majority of my class recieved scores under 3.
if you are dedicated though, go for it.</p>

Depends on the person.</p>

I found it to be quite do-able self-studying, though the 5 on the test felt harder than AP world history self-studying. </p>

Basically All i did was read the Barrons AP book and watched about 80% of the euro history for History 5 podcasts at Berkeley:
[UC</a> Berkeley Webcasts | Video and Podcasts: History 5](<a href=“]UC”>
Choose a guy whose voice you like the best and I’m sure you’ll be able to get a good score even if your teacher teaches nothing.</p>