How hard is AP Lit?

<p>I'm signed up to take AP English Lit next year, but I'm much more of a science person so I'm wondering if I should drop it. </p>

<p>I'm fine with reading, but interpreting poetry and stuff is what I mostly don't like. Is this class easy to balance with other AP and honors classes?</p>

<p>AP Lit is basically all about "interpreting poetry and stuff." So if you don't think you can handle applying yourself more in English, just drop it and stick with your other APs.</p>

<p>i thought ap language was alot easier, i am the typical asian dude who is really good at math and not so much with english, so it all depends what your good at. If your good at rhetorical analysis then AP language&comp is the way to go, if you hate poetry like me and can't understand it then avoid AP Lit. if iambic pentameter sounds like fun stuff then take it.</p>

<p>Ok thank you, yes I do hate poetry. lol</p>

<p>I'm more of a science person too, but I loved the AP Lit course. I thought it wasn't hard at all- it definitely depends on the teacher. We were required to write quite a few papers per semester on the books we read, but there were only one or two actual tests, which was great (and they didn't even count a lot).</p>

<p>"Ok thank you, yes I do hate poetry. lol"</p>

<p>AP Lit involves reading a good amount of poetry:/</p>

<p>I've always considered myself a science person, and I admit AP lit was my hardest class in terms of meeting deadlines. The actual test was pretty breezy. your experience will be largely dependent on your teacher's style. with us, we wrote 4-5 page essays practically every week + a term paper and class was spent doing discussions. I used to abhor poetry, i could never understand poems, let alone write them. but really, poetry is similar to prose. nevertheless, i was glad we only spent about a month or a month and a half on poetry.</p>

<p>I am scared out of my shell for AP Lit next year. The teacher is known as the "essay king" at our school. In the entire school year I will write tons of essays, including 1 long research paper and timed essays every other week. The benefit of taking his class is that he grades AP and SAT essays. But at the same time that will make him work our arse off the entire year. The work he assigns is not lenient either; I will read at least 10 novels next year. I am totally a math person, so this class will be hell for me (I hate poetry with a passion). Even for summer work he asks us to read Grapes of Wrath and Crime and Punishment, and write our personal statement for the UCs.</p>

<p>English is my favorite subject and my AP lit teacher is one of the funniest women I have ever met in my life.</p>

<p>I love the class; yeah we've read some things that weren't to my liking but otherwise I feel like I've learned a lot. If you hate reading and carefully analyzing literature, don't take it. If you're not a good essay writer, don't take it. </p>

<p>It is most enjoyable when one allows themselves to be fully immersed in the material. You'll get the most of out of the class that way.</p>