How hard is AP U.S. History?

<p>How hard is AP US history?
Hey everyone I am going into APUSH next year, but I am going straight from regular world history so how difficult do you think it will be for me? I am mainly taking the course because my current world history teacher has highly recommended me for it (I am one of the smartest in the class and he has told me on multiple occasions that I should take APUSH) </p>

<p>How hard will the essays be? (note that i amm a very good writer, i have taken teo years of honors english) The Quizzes? The chapter tests? </p>

<p>How hard is it to earn an A in the class? Is it the hardest ap class? I am prepared for the workload, I know how to study hard, please answer if you have taken APUSH!</p>

<p>(I am going to be a junior next year, have a 3.95 GPA, am a committed student)
Thank you in advance</p>

<p>You should post this in the AP tests discussion board..</p>

<p>We can't really know how difficult the quizzes and chapter tests are, or how easy that A is. That depends on your teacher. At my school, we have 3 US history teachers, and there is a different degree of difficulty for each teacher. </p>

<p>I didn't think the AP test was too bad.</p>

<p>Matermia - I'm new here, I couldn't find a closer forum that related to my question. Can u tell me how to post it there please?
Greatly appreciated</p>

<p>If you read your textbook and study before tests, the class and the ap exam is easy. I had a very hard (but good) teacher and received a 5 on the AP exam. It is manageable.</p>

<p>Sparrow - are the tests just based on the textbook? If heard people say that some m/c questions on tests and quizzes weren't even addressed in the textbook.

<p>I went from taking academic US History I to doing AP US History this maybe I can have a word :).</p>

<p>I have so far kept a steady B to B+ in the class surprisingly. I don't think anyone in my class other than the kid who is like top of the class has an A. AP USH is considered one of the hardest ones, but really it just a TON of reading and work IMO. Though, as others have said it depends on the teacher too. Try to figure out who teaches it and ask around if they are tuff or not maybe?</p>

<p>I took APUSH last year and had one of the worst teachers ever! We barely had any hw and he would just stand in front of the room and talk about current politics. I got high 90s in the class and a 4 on the exam after basically self-studying by reading a crash course book a few weeks ago. In fact, I was taking 3 other APs last year besides APUSH. Therefore, the test isn't too bad, but the class does depend on your teacher and the curve.</p>

<p>My quizzes and tests were based off of the book, but generally that's up to the teacher? Oh, I don't know if this effects your decision, but I am within the top 10 (should be number 8?) of my class out of 475. I /did/ find this class challenging at first. It was only with diligent study that I succeeded in the class. I did get an A for the year.</p>

<p>Our grade was based almost completely off tests and quizzes, on which I received anywhere from 70s to 90s, with a few outlying 50s and 100s (B- final grade). However, the way they calculate the grade on the test is very different (read: way more lenient), so I got a 5, as did most of my class. </p>

<p>As long as you study, and write enough DBQs in class, you should be fine on the test; depending on how the teacher calculates the grade, your class grade might not be as pretty.</p>

<p>It isn't really that hard. It's just a bunch of memorizing, like different battles and court cases. I'm in it now and so far so good! Just be prepared for a ton of information.</p>

<p>the difficulty of essays and tests depend on the teacher. regardless of that though, it's a lot of content to cover</p>

<p>I lazed around the class. Read the chapter and faked the rest of the work and pulled a A- and a 4 on the exam. I'm just a good test taker and I'm my own person. The difficulty really depends but It's a long shot to say that AP us history is all too difficult. No AP class is difficult. Just time consuming.</p>

<p>None of us can really tell you because it depends on the school, but I had a really great experience with APUSH and would personally really suggest taking it :)</p>

<p>The difficulty of your AP US B history class depends on your teacher. The AP exam wasn't too bad... got a 5 with relatively little studying.</p>

<p>Unless you can write superb essays, APUSH is going to be a nightmare.</p>

<p>Hey I took APUSH and it was a fun class. I cried the first week and wanted to transfer then I ended up with a 5 on my AP test. WOW ! What a class. Work your ass off, but have fun too ! GOOD LUCK</p>