How hard is AP US History?

<p>How hard is AP US history?
Hey everyone I am going into APUSH next year, but I am going straight from regular world history so how difficult do you think it will be for me? I am mainly taking the course because my current world history teacher has highly recommended me for it (I am one of the smartest in the class and he has told me on multiple occasions that I should take APUSH) </p>

<p>How hard will the essays be? (note that i amm a very good writer, i have taken two years of honors english) The Quizzes? The chapter tests? </p>

<p>How hard is it to earn an A in the class? Is it the hardest ap class? I am prepared for the workload, I know how to study hard, please answer if you have taken APUSH!</p>

<p>(I am going to be a junior next year, have a 3.95 GPA, am a committed student)
please do not try to scare me into not taking it but tell the truth and don't sugar coat it! Thanks</p>

<p>APUSH is a lot more specific than world history while world history requires more breadth of knowledge. If you have a good memory, I highly suggest the class for you. The essays and quizzes are mostly fact-based. My class read around 6 pages from the textbook a day, so it's not hard if you budget your time well.</p>

<p>The APUSH class... is one of the more difficult classes.</p>

<p>The exam however is a piece of cake. The questions are very easy and even if you don't know the answer the general idea of the period leads you right to the answer.</p>

<p>The essays are just designed to see if you learned anything in the class.</p>

<p>You'll get varying reports. APUSH is so widely taken that there's bound to be a variety of experiences with it.
As for me, it's a lot of busywork but it's really easy to pass the tests if you just read the textbook. Comparing it to my AP World experience last year, APUSH is more specific and you do more work, but AP World is funner and more interesting.
The essays basically require you to know about what the rubric wants you to do, and if you throw in a few specific facts here and there you're fine.
The quizzes are pretty much fact-recall. Either you read the chapter and you get an A, or you don't and fail. Chapter tests are a little harder, but minimal studying should be fine.
It is definitely not the hardest AP I've taken, but that's because I am someone gifted in the liberal arts who insists on taking AP Calc and AP Physics. But you'll hear a lot of people say its the hardest class ever because it's the only AP they're taking (trust me, that's about half my class). I have an A+ in the class so far, and if I can do it I don't see why you can't.</p>

<p>Personally, APUSH is going to be my easiest AP this year. I'm almost guaranteed to get a 5. Basically, you just need to know a lot about government politics and especially the political parties because that's emphasized much more than World. You should do fine. Just read the book and take good notes. DBQ is the most important essay so do really well on that one.</p>