How hard is bioengineering?

<p>How hard is bioengineering to get into?
in respect to all the other majors that is...

<p>i think any engineering major is hard to get in to</p>

<p>Bioengineering is probably in the top five hardest majors to get admitted into at UCLA, because the undergraduate department is so small -- its freshman class is much smaller (75-100) than those for the other majors... For this reason, I would probably say it's the hardest Engineering major to get into. Also, when I visited the Office of Academic and Student Affairs in Boelter Hall last quarter, I noticed that they listed BioE as part of the Impacted Three: CS, CSE and EE.</p>

why does this happen to me? maybe is should have done a little bit more research before picking a major. I picked bioE for Cal too........</p>

how much harder is it? are there any stats out there for the undergraduate class for last year?</p>

<p>yeah good luck jose1.. getting into UCLA bioE is TOUGH due to the number of applicants and space allotted for class. I know how you feel, since I applied to both Cal and UCLA as bioE, and realizing how competitive it was to get in after I sent in the apps.</p>