How hard is it to do community college classes during the regular school year?

<p>I'm a freshman currently in Algebra II/Trig Honors. I'm planning to do Precalculus over the summer at a community college, then Calculus I (fall/1st semester) during the regular school year alongside some other computer science classes for dual enrollment. However I am not going to actually skip a math level in the actual school course due to some complicated reasons. The summer after next year right before the school year starts I will do Calculus II so I probably will not have to do AP Calc AB or AP Calc BC at my regular school and can resume to do Multivariable Calc or Linear Algebra in Junior Year + Senior Year . Oh btw do you recommend this? & is Calculus I enough for the AP Calc AB and Calculus II for the AP Calc BC class?</p>

<p>Well here's a layout so you don't get confused. Is this too much? I have it all planned out for both 10th and 11th grades too btw. i will do regular world history if this is all too stressful. i need to noe Calculus too btw before 10th grade summer since i'm doing computer science reseraching on meshes. </p>

<p>NORMAL SCHOOL Schedule (10th Grade)
English 10 (or II to some of you) Honors
Precalculus Honors
AP World History
Chemistry (no honors at my school)
Spanish III
Tennis (intensive training/games in first semester, extremely chill during second semester though!)</p>

<p>COMMUNITY COLLEGE Schedule (10th Grade)</p>

<p>Fall/1st Semester</p>

<p>Computer Applications for Precalculus
Calculus I + Analytical Geometry
Computer Programming Logic (prereq to C++)
Advanced Java Programming .. maybe</p>

<p>Spring/2nd Semester </p>

<p>Computer Applications for Calculus I + Analytical Geometry
Programming in C/C++
Python Programming</p>

<p>AP Calc AB exam this year?</p>

<p>NORMAL SCHOOL Schedule (11th Grade)
AP English Language/Composition
AP Calc BC ....or not (since I'm doing Calculus II in the summer before this year?)..if not going to do AP Comp Sci (will be easy already noe Java)
AP Chemistry
AP US History
AP Spanish Language
Physics Honors</p>


<p>Fall/1st Semester
Computer Applications for Calculus II + Analytical Geometry
Unix/Linux Operating System
Object-Oriented Programming in C++</p>

<p>Spring/2nd Semester
Calculus III + Analytical Geometry
Computer Applications for Calculus III + Analytical Geometry</p>

<p>doable? :/ or should i chill a lil? the comp sci classes are online but the math ones arent</p>

<p>Here, only two dual enrollment classes at a time are allowed. You might want to check on that.</p>

<p>i will be doing the classes at two separate CCs ^</p>

<p>Be forewarned: the marks you receive in CC will stay with you "for the rest of your life," not to mention that you will be more prone to receiving lower grades than you should simply because you're taking it in high school (lazyness, no motive, senioritis, etc.).</p>

the marks you receive in CC will stay with you "for the rest of your life,"


<p>That is unbelievably false. It's so unbelievably false that I can't even imagine how someone would think it was true. </p>

<p>The difficulty of the CC class will depend hugely on the class. Atleast at the CC near here, there aren't really any standards for a lot of the classes, so some professors teach at the same level as you'd see at a high ranking University, and others basically hand out As to everyone (a lot of the time, these are the ones who really don't know the subject, and yes, you'll find a few like this). And yes, this could be for two different sections of the exact same course.</p>

<p>With an argument like that, you're sure to get winners. However, the point is you're required to send all transcripts everywhere you apply throughout your academic years. You could get by without sending them, but if you were to eventually get caught, all of your licenses and degrees you've obtained will be stripped away - and this is part of why it's for the rest of your life.</p>

<p>" However, the point is you're required to send all transcripts everywhere you apply throughout your academic years."</p>

<p>So you mean that you have to submit them when you apply to college. So they're exactly as important as your high school grades.</p>

<p>Well, if that's what you meant, then yes. They will follow you for your entire life.</p>

<p>Grad school? Med School? Maybe some jobs? Not to mention, if it is med or some other professional school, the moment something is discovered you will even lose your MS/PhD degrees. They were a lot of work.</p>

<p>Well, you'd just submit your CC transcript... Even so, the grades you get in a CC aren't factored into your GPA.</p>

<p>For med school it is. I can't say for Law school, but I would think they would include it as well (but not sure).</p>

<p>You gotta save SOME stuff for college, you know.</p>

<p>That's a really intense course load. </p>

<p>I mean 10 classes a semester?!?!? Personally, I think the time can be better spent doing other things. You only are a high school student for four years. You'll have many more years in college to take classes. My point is that while taking a rigorous courseload is important, you should not take 10 classes.</p>

<p>Look, you are almost certainly biting off way more than you can chew. I think you have this idea that you'll learn material in advance and then it will be a piece of cake when you take the actual class. It's not going to be the material that kills you, it's going to be the workload. </p>

<p>When I came up with my schedule for this now-ending semester, I compared AP/honors high school classes to around 3 college semester hours of work, giving me the equivalent of 20 college semester hours. I quickly realized that the contact hours (nearly 7.5/week) of AP classes meant that my workload was closer to 30 semester hours, double a normal load, with Calculus II, Chem II, et al.</p>

<p>I've hated life this year, and in the end, no one's going to care if you took extra classes. Do yourself a favor, don't overdo it. I also don't recommend specializing your courses. What's the point in working your butt off to take a million math and science courses if you still have 30 hours of general education courses in college?</p>

<p>Besides, how the heck are you going to fit the CC classes in with the HS classes? Night time classes? Sacrificing all of your free time? It's not like it'll even help you in admissions, they'll wonder where your school involvement is, what you'll add to the campus. If colleges wanted kids who'd be in their rooms all day studying, they'd move to China.</p>

For med school it is. I can't say for Law school, but I would think they would include it as well (but not sure).


<p>Yes, the grades will follow you for law school admissions too.</p>

<p>well i really sort of want to do the classes particularly because i'm planning on Doing research over the summers and idon't want to be uninformed & have no knowledge in front of the professors... so yeah</p>

<p>but nonetheless i do believe i am biting off more than i can chew. i will cut the amount of classes</p>