How hard is it to double major and study abroad?

<p>I want to major in a science (either geosciences, astrophysics, or biology) and South Asian studies. I also want to study abroad. Would this be impossible, or is this doable?</p>

<p>Also, how can my AP credits help lighten the load on my double major? I'm a bit confused by Wellesley's AP credit system.</p>

<p>AP credits won’t be of much use to your double-major. However, studying abroad and double-majoring is definitely doable. Assuming you go to a country in Asia, a lot of the courses you take there would likely overlap with your South Asian Studies major. Lots of Wellesley students do the same thing.</p>

<p>I double majored in econ and math and studied abroad for 1 semester. While abroad, I took NO classes that counted towards either of my majors, or any of my distribution requirements. So essentially I double majored in 3.5 years. So it definitely isn’t impossible, BUT Wellesley really doesn’t accept credit for lab courses taken abroad, so that poses some difficulty for science majors. But science majors do study abroad. </p>

<p>Now, as to the nitty gritty–at Wellesley, AP credits count as general credits towards graduation (up to one semester’s worth), and also can place you out of intro classes. The one exception is the foreign language requirement, which you can fulfill with AP or other credits. So that helps because you don’t have to take two years (4 classes) worth of foreign language (you CAN, you just don’t HAVE to). I came in with my foreign language requirements fulfilled and it does make things easier. </p>

<p>According to the course catalog (you can access the pdf here: [Wellesley</a> College - Academics - Course Catalog](<a href=“]Wellesley”> ), Astrophysics requires 14 credits to major, Biology requires 9 credits, Geosciences requires 8 credits, and South Asia studies requires 9. For reference, math and econ each require 9 (and I actually took 11 Econ). Given this, I would say that the only combination that might be difficult to accomplish is Astrophysics with another major. I’m not saying impossible! But more difficult for sure. You also have to fulfill distribution requirements, which are also explained in the course catalog, but with a science major and with the South Asia studies you will fulfill most of them without trying. So I don’t think you should worry, some careful planning is necessary but you can definitely double major and go abroad.</p>