How Hard is it to Double Major in ML+Stats and Computer Science at CMU

I’m really interested in both majors, and I’ll be done with Calc BC, Multivariable Calc and Linear Algebra before I start college. How difficult would it be for me to graduate in 4 years if I try double majoring in both fields?

My son is at CMU and most of his friends are CS majors. First of all, the CS major is very time consuming. So, there’s that. Plus, what CMU doesn’t tell prospective students is that sometimes it’s hard to get the classes you need (prerequisites) to move forward. Many times they fill up and there’s not another section offered. And, sometimes they don’t even offer the class needed each semester. Honestly, it’s about the only thing I don’t like about CMU. So, timing might be an issue when planning a double major and hoping to get it done in 4 years.