How hard is it to get good grade at UCI?

<p>I heard UCs schools are known for grade deflation, and I went to explore UCI the other day and they said it's very hard to maintain a good(>3.7) GPA; they only give 5-10% of the class an A, 5-10% F, and the rest is B,C,D.
So how hard is it to get an A? especially with premed major, which is loaded with the toughest courses.</p>

<p>I don't think it's hard to get an A if you put in the necessary time. The problem is that most college students choose to waste their time partying or screwing around rather than studying. If you study for each class a couple hours a night, you'll be fine. But most people that do fine don't even study that much.</p>

<p>hey xranger, who told ya that its hard to maintain a good gpa at uci? Cause I'm choosing uci over ucsd to get a higher gpa.</p>

<p>I don't think it's a good idea to choose UCI over UCSD because you think you're going to get a higher GPA. You never really know how college is gunna play out as a high school senior.</p>

<p>It was one of the counselor during explore UCI. I went to the biological sciences session and she said that UCI has ~95% acceptance rate to med school for students with >3.7 GPA, but then she said to maintain that >3.7 GPA is very hard. Even the top students are asking to be tutored.
But then again, I heard from my teacher who graduated from UCSD that UCSD is very difficult also, so I think All UCs are very competitive. I just want to know if UCI deflates grade a lot because someone said that UC schools have grade deflation.</p>

<p>Trust me, college will be the hardest you'll have to work in your academic life, whether it's at UCI or UCSD or Harvard. Don't assume that because you turned down a higher ranked school that a good GPA at UCI will be a given. If you go in with that kind of attitude you will get your butt kicked, I guarantee, especially if you're premed. There will be people who do nothing but study, so you'll have to work hard to keep up with them.</p>