How hard is it to get into 2+4 or 0-6 pharmacy schools?

Hello, I am I junior in high school and I am currently researching colleges to apply to. I also discovered that 2+4 programs exist and want to apply to a few. I currently have a 4.08 gpa on a weighted scale, a 28 on my ACT and am planning on taking 3 AP classes (have not taken the tests yet). With these stats will I have trouble getting into early assurance programs? And in general how selective are these programs? Thanks!

Pharmacy early assurance/combined programs are competitive. What is your unweighted GPA?

If you are targeting these schools it is appropriate to reach out to the program contacts and ask what the average GPA and test scores are of admitted applicants. Some will even give you the size of the class and acceptance rate. You also need to understand whether a certain GPA is required to stay in the program.

My sense is that and ACT of 28 will be on the low side for these programs. Are you planning to take the test again? What are each of the section scores?

I am planning on taking the test again, and each section was around 28. My weighted gpa is somewhere around a 3.9

Here’s a link to the 2018-2019 Pitt Pharm Annual Report which includes statistics on the incoming class - look at Page 9:

Search websites of pharmacy schools for early assurance information.

Here are a few:

Start with looking at instate programs since instate tuition is lower than OOS.