How hard is it to get into Cornell AAP?

<p>Especially the fine arts program? I know they choose only 30 kids or something per year for fine arts majors...but how difficult is it compared to other cornell programs/schools?</p>

<p>getting into any program at AAP is very hard. they are limited enrollment programs, so they only have a certain amount of spots to fill. as long as you have good grades, good scores, and a killer portfolio, you should be fine. im sure you are waiting for an RD decision...wait another 2 weeks and then you can answer that question for yourself. </p>

<p>and just to let you/everyone else on CC know, every program at cornell is hard to get into. better at english? itll probably be harder to get into engineering. cant draw? then architecture isnt for you. the easiest program for you to get into is the one that you fit in the best</p>