how hard is it to get into the cockrell engineering program?

<p>Right now, i'm a sophomore at a pretty tough high school, and am just getting some ideas about different university's programs and what they have to offer. i dont know much about the selectivity for each college or anything, just that 8% gets you in automatically to the university. </p>

<p>is the whole cockrell engineering college honors? or do you have to apply separately to the honors program from the typical engineering college? </p>

<p>and is there a true advantage to be taking part in the honors program?</p>

<p>honors is separate. and lol what bad could come from honors, i suggest you keep your grades up and make sure your SAT score is high, but the math needs to be very good, as that will probably decide if you get in to the engineering program</p>

<p>but if your grades are good enough to go IVY league i suggest you go</p>

<p>I'm going to apply for Cockrell Engineering next hopefully my pre-senioritus won't ruin me. </p>

<p>@pierrechn: could you specify on 'very good' math grades? I'm no super genius but my grades are usually in the 85-95 range. I also only take AP and Pre-AP math courses if that contributes to anything. I'm worried due to one of my friends (transferred from South Korea about two years ago) holds a stunning average of 102/100...which makes me feel rather mediocre.</p>

<p>You should really try to make all As in math. My son normally made 95-97. He got a 780 in math on the SAT, but you don't need to be that high. Honors is VERY difficult to get into, though, from what I heard. My son got into his first choice, biomedical engineering. He put down biology as his second choice and applied for the honors science program, but didn't get in.</p>

<p>It depends on which school you are applying. The school of Biomedical Engineering is currently the most difficult to get into. Civil and mechanical are easier. I was told by a UT professor that you needed to be in the top 6% of your class to get into Cockrell this year but I'm sure that varied by major. Take as much math as possible and score very high on your SAT's!</p>

<p>MaineLonghorn, who's your son, I was also a first year BME at UT this year. To the original post asking about Cockrell Engineering, overall it is tough getting into your major of choice so try to have all grades 90+, also it depends for example Biomedical Engr usually only accepts 100 students each Fall and this year was an exception when they expected about 150, but quite a few people switched majors after the fall term</p>

<p>Arsamin04, I will PM you about my son (later today, because I have to run now).</p>

<p>Many of my friends were accepted into various majors within Cockrell (Mechanical, Aerospace, Electrical) and I can tell you they were all ranked at least in the top 5-6% and had math SAT scores of 700+.
Each major seems to have different standards though. For example, I applied to BME like some of the people above. I had a 800 Math and am graduating in the top 1% of my class (2% when I applied) and got rejected from BME :(</p>

<p>You still have junior year to go before app's and that's plenty of time to prepare for some beastly SAT scores and get your class rank up if needed, so don't slack off.</p>