How hard is it to get into University of Arizona honors college

Looking for an sense of how competitive getting into the U of A honors college. My son’s gpa is great (3.97), but they aren’t considering test scores this year, which would’ve helped him. His EC’s are just OK. He will have taken 11 honors/AP classes by the end of senior year.

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Good question! Are they definitely not considering test scores this year or is it possible that you just don’t need them to be considered? My son has an unweighted 4.0 and an ACT of 34. Not a ton of extracurriculars (FBLA and TSA) but he has worked a part time job since he turned 16. He is applying for Honors.

It can’t be too difficult based on discussions that I have had with a few students in UA Honors.

As a postscript to my post above, I like UA Honors and the new facilities are quite impressive.

@Publisher Can you elaborate? He attended an honors informational session where they said they received 6,000 applications last year for an incoming class of 1,000. I hope they mostly go by gpa and number of honors and APs.

I meant to say my S attended the honors session.

@MorseLewis: I spoke with 3 UA Honors students about 2 to 3 years ago. One was working in admissions. She was not very sharp. I had to call back on other occasions in order to avoid her & to get answers to basic questions. The others were not impressive either.

My nephew was awarded a full scholarship to UA Honors (as well as at ASU Honors College). He visited with parents. Turned down the offers and decided to pay full in-state tuition elsewhere.

The new facilities at UA Honors are great.

Much depends upon one’s major & on one’s background as to whether or not the students at UA Honors will provide an invigorating academic atmosphere.

Tucson is a really nice small city for students as they can escape the summer heat.

However, everything is relative. By this I mean to suggest that what may be a poor option for one student may be a great option for another.

Four years at UA Honors should be fun.

P.S. Over the last 25 years or so, I have looked at many state flagship honors colleges and programs. The best aspects of honors colleges is that often more resources are devoted to these students and the honors students are grouped together for certain classes & events in addition to merit scholarship support. Plus, an honors designation on one’s college transcript can be helpful in the job hunt process.