How hard is it to switch to an impacted major (aerospace engineering)

<p>I am going to be a sophomore next year and I want to switch from chemical engineering to aerospace engineering. Thus far I have gotten all A's in my math/science/engineering classes (MAE 9, MATH 20A+B, CHEM 6A, PHYS2A+2B) and all B's in my humanities/social science classes (DOC, poli sci, HILD, TWS). How hard will it be for me to switch to aerospace engineering by the end of this year if I complete all the lower division requirements for it and get all/mostly all A's?</p>

<p>You should go talk to an adviser at the department. They generally have statistics for average GPA and number of students admitted. I don't know about the mechanical/aerospace department, but the way it works in the biology department is that they have a quota of 150 students that they have to admit to the major every year. If you complete all of the lower div requirements you are pretty much guaranteed to get in.
Good Luck!</p>

<p>i believe it's based on if you have certain required lower-division classes completed (not sure exactly which ones, but im assuming MATH20A/B/C, physics, MAE9, etc), and how your GPA ranks among others who also want to switch into that major.
i got an email during winter or spring quarter of last school yr about applying to switch to aerospace or mechanical engineering and the email said that qualified applicants (those who had completed the required courses) would be ranked by their gpa and depending on the # of spots available in the major, a certain number of students would be selected starting from the top of the list.
to improve your chances of getting in, you just need to do keep doing well in your classes! good luck :)</p>