How hard is it to transfer from a Cal State exactly?

<p>I'm enrolled at S.F.State as an freshman and I was wondering if the chances of getting into a UC or CA private from a Cal State is as hard as everyone says it is.</p>

<p>Transferring period can be hard. </p>

<p>That said, if you: </p>

<p>-get good grades
-take advantage of the different things your current school has to offer (research internships, student gov, diff clubs and programs etc.)
-write level headed essays on why a school would better fit you than the current one and what you have to offer another university</p>

<p>Then...transferring to any school is a possibility no matter what university you currently attend.</p>

<p>You need to have 60 units from a CSU to transfer to a UC. The UCs give CCC transfer students priority and have been turning away tons of these qualified students. I believe you will need an outstanding GPA to be considered at the UCs from a CSU, ho-hum won't do it.</p>

<p>The privates will look at you, and they are not "mandated" by the state to take CCC transfers over CSU transfers, so in many ways it will be easier than getting into a UC. But again, you are still competing with other transfers and the first cut and dry stat is your GPA - so make it good. Secondly, write really good essays that help the privates know why you would be an asset to their campus.</p>