How hard is it to transfer from economics into Pamplin

I thought that economics was in Pamplin when applying but now realize it’s in college of science. Is it hard to transfer from economics into a Pamplin major like finance?

Ik there’s minimum course requirements but once I meet all of them is the process super competitive for economics students if they have normal grades.

If meeting minimum GPAs in all of the pre-requisite classes transfer should not be that difficult unless something changes in their acceptance policies.

@Vt1738 If you are an incoming freshman, reach out to your assigned advisor before course selection (and also reach out to Pamplin advising if that’s possible) and let them know of your intentions to transfer. That way you should be able to take courses that are applicable to finance and won’t find yourself behind by any credit hours towards your finance degree. You should be able to access the checksheets for econ and finance and identify any 1st and possibly 2nd semester courses that are different.