How hard is M 340L?

<p>So I'm planning on taking M 340L with thirteen hours which would bring my next semester course load to sixteen hours. It's an extra class than what I need to have to be on pace but I felt like knocking it out. To anyone who's ever taken it, is it that difficult? How much time did you spend on it a week? Any tips or strategies for the class? I am currently a EE freshman and have a fairly strong mathematical background. Thanks for any help! Hook 'em!!</p>


<p>I thought it was pretty easy. As long as you faithfully complete all of the homework (copying was pretty rampant) then you should be fine. Dr. Schurle assigned maybe 3 hours of hw a week so it's really not that bad. A couple of questions on there will be extremely difficult because they go beyond what he lectured about but these normally aren't graded and don't show up on the exams. </p>

<p>I had Dr. Vick for calculus I and II and I would say both courses were of equal difficulty to me. M340L might have been a little harder just because he assigned more hw questions. As someone who also considers himself to be "strong in math", I'd give it 6 out of 10 difficulty. Of course, this is a common course an MyEdu should have plenty of accurate reviews</p>