how hard is mac2311

<p>I had never taken calculus. only pre-calc in high school.would you recommend mac 1147 instead?</p>

<p>I got good scores on calculus rediness exam but i used calculator while doing it.</p>

<p>Do all the assigned work (plus more if you are not comfortable with the material) and ask away all the questions you want during the lecture and discussion lab and you will be fine.</p>

<p>1147 is one of the more tedious class there is. I got a friend who could have taken Calc 1, but decided to take 1147 his first semester to take it easy. Boy was he mistaken lol.</p>


<p>I took MAC2311 having only taken Pre-Calculus in high school. I am glad that I took Calc 1 instead of 1147. For some reason, I hear that MAC1147 is a lot harder than it needs to be. I definitely had to study a lot to do well in the class, but I managed to get a high A. At first, I was a little intimidated because it seemed like everyone else in the class had already taken calculus in high school. You may have to put more time into the class than your classmates, but you should be fine if you are pretty good at math. Definitely do the homework to get lots of practice doing the problems. I was also worried that I wouldn't be able to do calculus without a calculator, but it really isn't that big of a deal.</p>

<p>its set up for you to succeed, but you have to take it very seriously.</p>

<p>That decision depends on you, MAC1147 is the foundation of MAC2311, because of this some people say is harder. Trust me, if there is anyone that don't know anything about Pre-Calc, MAC1147 is the solution. In my case I took Pre-Calc in HS and I am going to take MAC1147 because I know that if I take 2311 I will fail because there are lot of things I don't remember. If you got 10 or higher on algebra AND 2 or higher on trigonometry AND combined alg./trig. score of at least 20 then you are recommended to take MAC2311 but if you got 10 or higher on algebra AND 2 or higher on trigonometry, but combined alg./trig. score less than 20 then the recommended class is MAC1147 even though you can take MAC2311 <-- my case.</p>