How hard is Multivariable Calculus?

<p>If I were to take Calc BC as a junior and Multivariable Calc as a senior, how much harder would that be than taking AB as a junior and BC as a senior?</p>

<p>Note that I would have to take multivariable calc online; there is currently a senior at my school who is taking it online using some program from Stanford. I'm not sure how much of their multivariable program he is completing this year.</p>

<p>Obviously way harder than AB and then BC. Half of BC is just AB curriculum... and AB is pretty easy.</p>

<p>I took the equivalent of BC junior year and I'm taking MVC right now. It honestly depends on your class and professor, but I find it substantially harder, and since it will have to be a college course, the material will fly by. I got a 95 with the class getting an F average, a 94 with the class getting a D average, and a 80 with the class getting a C average. This was at the local CC without any curves.</p>

<p>Well, think about it in terms of curriculum. AB is a semester of university Calc I over two years, BC is Calc I and II in a year, and Multivariable is Calc III. So, a lot of it will depend on how good you are in calculus. </p>

<p>As my current calc professor told somebody who asked the same question, multivariable calc is a lot of what you'd do in BC but in more dimensions, so being able to visualize it is helpful. If you were really good in geometry/visualizations, BC will be harder. If you aren't, MVC will be harder.</p>

<p>I don't want to say it will be easy, because that really depends on the person. But MVC isn't going to be that much different than what you've actually done before. Things will be a bit more complicated, and if you take it as a college class you might have less time to pick up the material. Apart from that, how well you do in the class will basically be a function of how well you've understood single variable calculus.</p>