How hard is the CLEP Spanish exam?

I took spanish 3 years ago. How hard is it? what books do you recommend I use?

I know the OP is probably long gone, but for the next person with this question, here is what I found when helping Happykid get ready for the Spanish CLEP.

It is less difficult than the AP Spanish Language Exam, and more difficult than the SAT Spanish Subject Exam. If you get copies of the official sample exams for CLEP Spanish, AP Spanish Language, and SAT Spanish subject, you can use those other two exams to get more practice on the kinds of things that are on the CLEP. Remember though that the CLEP is taken on a computer, so that will be different for you.

The good thing about the CLEP is that if your score isn’t good enough, you can keep studying and take it again at a later date.