How hard is the SAT II US History?

<p>So, I'm signed up to take this test on Friday. Only thing is, I haven't studied one bit. I took APUSH and the test and felt very confident about it, especially the MC. Do I need to worry about the SAT II? Is it harder than the APUSH MC and if so, by how much?</p>

<p>Most CCers have reported that the Subject Test is more detail-oriented.</p>

<p>Are the sparknotes tests accurate?</p>

<p>I got a 700 on it with no studying, after a year of APUSH... I'm almost positive I got a 5 on the AP test though.</p>

<p>The subject test MC is a lot easier than the AP Test MC (definitely no questions about soup can art or random and obscure 19th century authors). I got a 720 and I only studied for the test for maybe an hour. I just did a quick review of general topics that I was a little rusty on (Progressive Era, Jakcsonian Era, and the Federalists). My advice to you is to go over Supreme Court decisions because a couple of those showed up on the test and I was unsure about them. After studying for the AP test, I'm sure that I can score at least 750+ on the Subject Test if I were to take it again.</p>

<p>Same. I took it before the APUSH test without having studied at all and got a 710. I wish I had waited... cause after studying for the AP test I could've done a lot better.</p>