How hard is the SAT Subject in Chemistriy?


<p>This is my first post on this forum. Well, just to introduce mysefl: I'm a Junior who lives in Croatia, and my dream is to go to university in the USA. So, I'm all in this stuff with application process, essays and SATs. I plan to take my SAT Reasoning in October, and Biology and Chemistry in November.</p>

<p>I took a practice test from Barron's and got 650 without studying at all. Also, I have a Chemistry class during all four years of my highschool and we did every subject that is tested in SAT, except organic chemisty. I am willing to spend my summer studying for the SATs, so my question is:
If I have a solid foreknowledge of chemistry, is a one month period of dedicated studying enough for me to score in a 760+ range? Because i need to study biology too, and math for the Reasoning.</p>

<p>I'm sorry if you don't understand me, but english is my second language so it's not that easy for me to express myself :)</p>

<p>bumper, help me please :)</p>

<p>i have one more question: are there any "cheap" questions in chemistry, like ones that will certainly appear in every test? for example, i saw a question with titration in every practice test i took</p>

<p>Well, I took one year of AP Chemistry and I think I got close to an 800 on the Chem SAT II (I took it last week). The curve is generous, at least 5 questions or so. Organic chemistry is tested very little on the SAT II. I guess with respect to Organic, just know prefixes and your -anes, -enes, -ynes. You honestly sound like you'll be fine in scoring a 760+.</p>

<p>Not sure there are "cheap" questions. Know gases, definitely, by heart, as well as stoichiometry. But there are some really obscure questions on every test. I, myself, am not really great at labs and lab procedures, so I read up on that. Just assess your strenghts/weaknesses and go from there.</p>