How hard is to get into Caltech undergrad?

<p>How expensive is it? Aside from grades and test scores, what extracurricular activity would they look highly upon? Do you know anybody who has gone to Caltech? How is it?</p>

<p>Absurdly difficult.
Caltech</a> Undergraduate Admissions: 2009 Incoming Class Profile</p>

<p>Participate in the extracurriculars you're interested in; don't waste your high school career pandering to admissions standards.</p>

<p>Your question about what Caltech is like is pretty general. Check out a guide to colleges (like Princeton Review or Forbes) and you will get a good overview with some important specifics.</p>

<p>You can look up how much it costs on their own website. You should be able to find admit rates there too. If not, use, which will be a couple of years out of date.</p>

<p>Being a Caltech aspirant, shouldn't one be savvy enough to go the college's own admissions webpages?</p>

<p>I would echo the previous responses -- that college guides, the Caltech web site, and other forums on CC would provide you a sense of who applies, and a sense of the statistics regarding admitted applicants.</p>

<p>The program at Caltech is very challenging. Even new students with impressive high school statistics in math and the sciences are often overwhelmed in their freshman year. The reason is that the program at Caltech targets students who not only have a passion for science and/or engineering, but also those who have an innate talent in those fields.</p>

<p>Perhaps you know whether you are that student. If you are, then your grades, and SAT scores would be very high. Your high school science and math teachers would give you (without hesitation) stellar recommendations, and somewhere along the line you would have completed a research or independent project or taken on a very hard technical problem and demonstrated to yourself, your teachers and to your peers that you have the talent that Caltech assumes you must have to succeed in the programs it offers. </p>

<p>And yes, I personally know students who've attended Caltech -- some who succeeded, and some who did not. Keep in mind that there's no place to go at Caltech if you find yourself struggling. The freshman class is small, and there are no "alternate" programs.</p>