how hard to get into Dodge

Hi. Does Chapman Dodge looks at grades/test scores first and then talent (portfolio), or can someone get in with a bit lower grades, but great portfolio?

depends on the major within dodge-but many of them are very heavily weighted towards your portfolio. Anything lower than a 3.0 is probably not as likely, though.

but do these have to be amazing portfolios? I heard that they take very few kids ? @quentinRJJA

You need to be a qualified student and submit an impressive creative supplement. They receive so many applications from very qualified kids.
I can only speak for the film production major, but you would struggle in that program if you were not also a strong student academically. It requires a lot of reading, writing, and exceptional time management skills to be successful.

Hi there. Film Prod transfer student from Dodge here. Just started this semester. Yes, it is very difficult to get in. I am extremely lucky. This semester I found out from my program advisor that I was only one of twelve to be accepted into their Film Production program as a transfer student. The rate of acceptance for Freshman is roughly 7-8%. For transfers its around 1-2%. I transfered from Santa Monica College with a 3.8 GPA. I can only speak from a film production perspective in saying that so far, its been a great experience. On the production side, you don’t really spend too much time reading, writing, and studying for tests like other majors at Chapman. Its mostly practical. But ill say this, to get in, you’ve got to be on top of your game. In everything. Academics, socially, school involvement, etc.

It is very hard to get in as a film production major as a transfer student. My son transferred there two years ago, and was one of 10 that got in, with supposedly 250 applicants. I do think the portfolio you submit is huge! Be creative, be different! Go to you tube and view past submissions to see what is out there…and think outside the box. With that said, go for it!!!

Hey when did you get your decision notification? I’m currently applying transfer