How hard would it be to avoid OOS tuition? (heh..)

<p>Is there some kind of waiver or such that OOSers could apply for? 45K for UCLA seems a little much IMO</p>

<p>If you want to avoid it your only real options are to have you parents take you off their taxes as a dependent. This is a must and the first step. Then you have to live in California for two years and earn your own money, through a job (not cash) that you file taxes for. You have to show how you paid for tuition with your hourly wage, food, living etc (in other words you can't just work and have you parents "funnel" money into your acct). </p>

<p>This is probably only possible if you go to community college for 2 years (as it's actually possible to pay for your tuition there through a job, as opposed to 40k/yr for ucla). Where are you from?</p>

<p>EDIT: Texas? Go to UT-Austin.</p>

<p>So will UCLA be ever worth the OOS tuition?</p>

<p>Depends. I'm from the east coast and wanted to go west, but I also had 2 years of free college so I'm really only paying for 2 years @ UCLA. I'm also getting a financial aid package that will only require me to take out about 25k in loans for 4 years of college (15 this year, 10 next). </p>

<p>It really depends. I'm from a small NE state so we don't have any respectable state schools. You're from Texas. At UT you're going to get comparable academics and I've heard it's a better overall college experience. Austin is always listed as one of the top college towns and they have great sports (if you're into that) and social scene (once again if you're into that). Sure, UCLA has great sports, but unless you're into water polo, volleyball etc I'd say we have a great basketball team and a s****y football team. </p>

<p>Wait until you get your FA package, but unless you can keep your combined 4 year debt under 30k I would go to UT.</p>

<p>****ty Football? Thats if you mean football and not futbol. Haha. And plus we have Norm Chow next year!!</p>

****ty Football? Thats if you mean football and not futbol. Haha. And plus we have Norm Chow next year!!


<p>Our football isn't that good -_-. Hopefully slick rick will start breaking some recruiting rules in order to get top's what you gotta do these days.</p>

So will UCLA be ever worth the OOS tuition?

Short answer is No.</p>