How I improved my SAT 1 by 430 points!!!

<p>My first SAT was a 1650 (felt really sad). But, I bought a TON of SAT prep books (Collegeboard Blue, Princeton, McGrawhill) and dedicated an hour every other day or so for about 6 months. I took it again and ended with 2080. The key is to be conditioned for the exams.

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<p>Lucky you.. any advice on how to improve on the math sections? how to do them faster?</p>

<p>Thanks for sharing!</p>

<p>math=repetition and easiest section to improve. after you complete a certain number of practice tests, it all becomes routine and familiar.</p>

<p>please chance me also</p>

<p>really? I need to improve in every area. Any tips? please go look at the thread I started about my SAT</p>