How important are AP scores?

<p>I heard Columbia that Columbia does not require them. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------</p>

<p>Here is what i now believe from someone else: AP's are important for class credits but not admission, what DOES matter with AP's is the grade earned in the class; SAT II's on the otherhand DO count towards admission decisions</p>

<p>I plan to apply to Columbia University early decision.</p>

<p>I am confused to how important AP scores are in determining admission.</p>

<p>Aren't SAT I, SAT II, GPA, class rank, and EC's the only things colleges look at?</p>

<p>My AP scores are as follows:
AP Calculus AB:3
European History:4
next week i'll take: Calculus BC, English composition, and US History</p>

<p>***What are the minimum scores I need to get on these tests to keep my transcript solid? I'm sure I can pass History and English with at least a 3, but I may have to cancel the BC score.</p>

<p>I would appreciate any advice.</p>

<p>(yeah, this is my 3rd post. If you don't know what i am talking about, i am glad.)</p>

<p>well....ppl say it not important. but realy, they tell you how hard your AP class is. like..lets say you get a B..and you get a 5 on the test. dat wouldlook better than someone who got a A and a 3</p>

<p>Anyone??? Just one more response? Please! I want to get off CC so i can start studying now.!</p>

<p>I don't care about what looks better, i care about WHAT WILL COLLEGES LOOK AT? Sure, it would be better to get a 5 on the test, but ultimately colleges may only require to see the class grade and make the AP score an optional criteria.</p>

<p>Anymore people have the answer to this question?</p>

<p>what do you mean you dont care what looks better? Colleges look at the whole picture. They see everything. AP scores count.</p>

<p>What i mean is that certain colleges do not require applicants to send their AP scores. If this is true, then it doesn't matter if someone makes a 5 or a 1. If the college is not going to even look at it, then who cares? I am pretty sure Columbia does not require AP scores...other people on CC have told me this. However, I am not sure about other colleges.</p>

<p>Are you aware of the score-withholding option? It's another way CB sucks money out of us. You pay to have a score(s) not reported on your cumulative AP transcript. However, I'm not sure if you even have to send the official thing..</p>

<p>AP SCORES COUNT. Technically, they do NOT Count. --AP scores are just like SAT IIs and SAT Is. NATIONAL TESTS. Compares you with the entire nation. That's what matters. Although TECHNICALLY they may not count in their FORMULA. They will look at ur AP scores just like ur determine how well u match up against others..</p>

<p>You said they DO COUNT, and then one sentence later you say they technically DON'T COUNT. Make up your mind. How can they count if some colleges do not even require applicants to submit them? Some applications ask applicants to write their AP scores if available; hah, someone could just lie. I asked a UPENN admission officer today about AP is what he had to say. </p>

<p>I asked him, "Are AP scores considered in the admission process? I thought SAT II's are what counted towards admission and that AP's counted for college course scheduling." He replied, "Well, it would look nice on your application, but we don't require it. Our application asks for the AP scores if they're available. However, SAT II's are required." Then I asked him, "Suppose I got a 2 on the AP Biology exam and an 800 on the SAT II Biology exam. How would you look at this?" He replied, "Your low AP score wouldn't make much of a difference towards your chance of admission."</p>

<p>Anything that would "look nice on your application" counts in my opinion...</p>

<p>They look for trends. If your SATIIs and APs are both relatively low they strongly suggest you haven't mastered the material. If your APs are a little low, be sure to study hard for your SATIIs.</p>