How important are APs and SATs for US colleges?

<p>I'm a Canadian student who wants to apply to Ivies or equivalent. But we dont offer any AP courses in Canada so I bought 4 books and studied them myself. I got 3 5s and a 4. Is this enough or do I need more? Also I have 2310 on my sat (CR750, WR760, MA800), is this good?</p>

<p>A 2310 on the SAT is really, really good. Since you're Canadian (and probably don't have any AP classes in school), your 4 exam grades are also great. If you know what you want to major in and haven't self-studied for that exam (e.g. Physics major and haven't studied Physics C yet), you could do that to show the college you have motivation to learn in your field of interest. Otherwise, you look good.</p>

<p>SATs are VERY important to US colleges.</p>

<p>APs, on the other hand, are not important. Colleges want to see a hard course load in HS, than actually what you actually got on the AP test. I wouldn't recommend taking any AP tests.</p>

<p>As 314159265 said, a 2310 is an awesome score. In turn, you don't have to worry about your SAT score.</p>

<p>You will still need to take some SAT II tests, preferably in areas related to your major. For example, if you want to study Engineering take Math2 and Physics, etc. etc.</p>