How important are college class requirements?

<p>Basically, I'm a homeschooler, and I haven't taken several of the classes that most colleges require, (as in, I've taken nothing more advanced than geometry in the math field, only one year of lab science, etc.) However, I've got a 33 on the ACT, and I'm a National Merit Semifinalist. I'm not applying to particularly selective schools - University of Michigan, Michigan State, Grand Valley State, Western Michigan, Alabama, and Oberlin. Do I have a chance?</p>

<p>I'm pretty sure a lot of schools have requirements on what classes and how many you take like for example. 3 math higher than algebra. 4 English. 3 history including gov. 2 foriegn language. 3 science lecture combined with lab( so just 3 classes) that's my highschool requirements. And I'm not totally sure but I think some of the colleges requirement. But I mean as long as you know all the standardized material that every public school student knows I'm sure there's no.problem with intelligence. I'd just talk to some of the admission people at the college and see what they say</p>