How Important Are Grades???

Please tell me, i know grades r for sure important, but i have gotten on average 1 C a year, and how will that affect me going into the admissions process. Im not going after top schools or anything, but schools like Northeastern, or Fordham, or even American University.


<p>Despite your occasional "C", you still have a chance at those schools.
Grades are important, but a C or 2 won't end your chances at such schools. Just make sure you have a strong fall semester as most colleges look at first semester senior grades before making a final decision about candidates.</p>

<p>If you do well senior year there shouldn't be any will show that you haven't slacked off in the end and possibly even an upward trend, which is always looked upon favorably.</p>

<p>Oh you're fine, don't sweat it, just try to make all As and Bs your senior year :)</p>

<p>Wait a minute, your saying that the OP only has a chance at schools like Northeastern, Fordham, AU? </p>

<p>I've gotten on average, one C per year as well. Does that mean I can't get into Wisconsin, Penn State, Illinois, University of Washington?</p>

<p>Those are only the schools i really want to go to.</p>

<p>C's hurt you on your transcript especially one or two every year. With so many qualified applications for places like Northeastern and Fordham these days, nevermind even more competitive institutions, you are facing a real uphill climb in the admission process. Schools want academic achievers over good test takers. Your grades do not preclude you from admission, but your chances are probably not as strong as you may think they are for admission at schools you think are your fit.</p>