How important are honors classes?

I know selective colleges want the most rigorous classes available but how important is it.

Honors or AP classes in my high school tend to be harder than most schools. They are taught by the worse 10-yeared teachers because the school believes honors students dont need a teacher and can learn on their own. It is really hard to pass with a A and even the brightest (And i go to a school with hundreds of intelligent people) end up with B’s. Honors classes are bad enough so I dont know how bad APs are but is it worth sacrificing your gpa for rigor or to get amazing grades in a regular level class.

I didn’t so hot freshman year so sophmore year I could only take one honors class (alg 2 and i got a C+ :confused: ). I have a good GPA but does it matter since they were easy classes. I’m an upcoming Junior and I plan on taking 4 this year but I’m worried that my GPA will plummet,

Also is it bad to not be taking any AP classes till my senior year. I feel like most people have at least one or two junior year.

You might surprise yourself and realize that APs really aren’t THAT bad. There are thousands of resources on the internet; I go to a pretty crappy public school where the teachers don’t teach, either, and basically relied on the internet for all my APs.

You should aim for high grades in hard classes. If you’re failing a class (or close to failing), that’s an indication that you’re probably not ready to jump to that level at the moment. But if you have a B in the challenging class, stay by all means.

Challenge yourself by taking APs. Unless your school doesn’t offer any, it DOES look bad if you never took any (to be brutally honest). I’m not sure which colleges you’re looking at (“selective” is very subjective), but yes, rigor is very important.

Strive to create the most rigorous schedule possible for yourself – you know what you can handle and what you can’t, CC users who’ve never met you don’t :slight_smile:

The college credit for AP classes may be worth the level of difficulty