How Important are Midyear Reports?

<p>How important are midyear grades in the college admission process? In other words, at what point during my senior year can I stop trying? I have all A's in 5 AP classes this first quarter. What if they become B's by midyear? Thanks for the input-</p>

<p>At no point can you afford to stop trying as your college admission is contingent on your successful completion of H.S. at the performance level upon which you were accepted. </p>

<p>Depending on the school a severe case of senioritis can and will hav eyour admission rescinded. If you are getting merit scholarships as part of your financial aid paickage, a slide can cause you to lose those scholarships.</p>

<p>If you are applying ED and get deferred, a slide could mean the difference between an acceptance and rejection letter</p>

<p>keep on doing your best work and don't slack off</p>

<p>A B wouldn't make them take away your acceptance, though. We're talking about Ds and Fs.</p>

<p>if you have an A and drop down to a B you will not get kicked out. If you got from an A to a C or D you might get kicked out. Or just don't go down at all and nothing can happen</p>

<p>I'm assuming you're applying early somewhere and hoping for acceptance. If you're talking regular than of course your mid-year report will matter a lot. You can start slacking off second semester. I'm assuming you're smart enough to get at least C's in all your classes without even trying. This will not get your acceptance rescinded. If you start failing classes that is about the only case where you will ever get admission rescinded.</p>