How important are recommendation letters?

My daughter has her application ready to submit except for the recommendation letters. Should she submit the app without them in order get it in earlier or wait for those?

Her stats are:
Top 7%
SAT 1490 - 760 reading, 730 math
Rank - 36 out of 506
AP’s - 3 junior year, 5 senior year
Major: Biology/Microbiology
Speech and Debate/officer all 4 years
Various clubs and lots of volunteer hours
College Board National Hispanic Scholar Recognition Program winner
NHS/officer 2 years

@AustinMom888 , I don’t have any inside knowledge about the importance of the letters but I can tell you that my son uploaded one with his app and the other one was uploaded by the teacher about a month later. There is a way in the portal to invite someone to upload a rec and you can see when they actually do it. You can also send reminder UT emails through the portal to that person. When he initially submitted his app, it said “Your application is complete” or something like that. About 5 weeks later, it changed to “Your application is in review”. He is non auto admit. So, you may have time for her to submit now and then harass the teacher through the email portals to get her part submitted! It’s a tough call because I’m a big believer in the early bird gets the worm but you also don’t want her app to get reviewed before the letter is uploaded! Someone posted yesterday that their Biology major daughter was accepted yesterday (auto admit). Come visit on the UT Admissions/Discussions Class of 2025 page!

Thank you so much for replying - that makes sense. We’ll try to be patient and wait for those letters : ) I will definitely check out the 2025 page!