How important are senior grades?

<p>I know it's important, but what is considered good? Does it have to be straight A's? Will it hurt if I get a B or two though?</p>

<p>Geez. I wish I knew how to answer this.</p>

<p>I'm going to add on to your question. If a student is accepted Harvard EA and gets a B or two on the semester grade report, will admission be rescinded? I imagine even Hahvahd isn't THAT nitpicky... Hope not, anyway.</p>

<p>^ wonders same thing, but more generally for all competitive colleges such as the ivy leagues</p>

<p>Wow... I was thinking the same thing, with AP Physics and Literature and all...</p>

<p>Not for a B, I'm sure...that would simply be evil...If you had unexplained C's/D's/F's across the board they may reconsider, though.</p>

<p>I think for RD, senior grades (first semester) are important. They'll be seen before an admissions decision is made, so a slip could definitely hurt your chances.</p>

<p>For EA, the entire senior year is like the second semester for RD. You've already been accepted, so a couple B's doesn't matter. A huge slip (an F, a couple D's) would probably require you to write an essay of explanation, and if that doesn't satisfy them, then your acceptance might be rescinded.</p>

<p>how much do quarter grades count for EA? i know they look at it....but technically, those grades are "work in progress"...</p>

<p>They are fairly important, but not as important as your high school records.</p>

<p>Like if you got 95%'s the whole way through grade 10 and 11, then you fall a couple percent in grade 12, it's not going to hurt you all that much if any. As long as you don't fall out, you'll be fine.</p>

<p>it also depends on ur school, if u go to a crap school, u need all As, if u go to a good school, then Bs are fine</p>

<p>Wait, lilpinkeyedlamb, colleges don't usually see quarter grades, do they? My school's transcripts only have semester grades. Are your's different?</p>

<p>That works out in my favor, because our quarter grades are unweighted.
And AP courses, the highest mark in our class might be an 80% for whichever course. (I am in all five that are offered).</p>

<p>from what my college counselor has told me, the admissions people phone the high schools for grades thus far (a.k.a "quarter grades", "mid semester grades", etc)....</p>

<p>Really? I might get at least one B this quarter... for the first time in high school too.</p>

<p>i don't know if that's true...</p>