How important are senior year grades for admissions?

<p>I have always been an A/B student, but I am taking much harder courses this year. If I got a C in one AP class would it hurt my chances at all? Lastly, if I'm applying EA and RD to a variety of schools, will they consider my first semester grades?</p>

<p>For schools that require mid-year reports containing first semester senior year grades, they are important and lower grades than what you had before can result in a rejection. </p>

<p>If applying EA, they will not be considered in the EA decision, but if you are deferred to RD, they will be if college requires mid-year report. If accepted EA, then senior grades can be used to withdraw your admission.</p>

<p>What you need to check is whether the school requires mid-year grades. Probably now somewhat of the majority of colleges, including most public universities, make decisions based on grades through junior year, do not require or want mid-year reports, and senior year grades are used only for possible withdrawal of admission.</p>

<p>Most privates require mid-year reports, someone correct me on this.</p>