How important are senior year grades for RD?

<p>Let's say I got deferred from Cornell ED.
This would mean that admissions would also look at my mid-year report for my senior year to decide whether or not to accept me for RD
But let's also say my senior year grades are pretty bad
(1 or 2 B's and a C in an AP course).
How negatively would this impact me?</p>

<p>Assume that the following are my stats:
*SAT score of around 2100 (approx. 1400 on 1600-scale)
*Unweighted GPA of around 3.7-3.8
*Weighted GPA of around 4.6-4.8
*Took 4 APs during first 3 years & received a B or above in all
*Great ECs & President/officer of many clubs
*Lots of volunteer hours</p>

<p>I suppose it depends on your school. If its a very competitive school where getting A’s is not really a common thing I wouldn’t worry about it. However I did read somewhere that if you are accepted ED you need to maintain your grades decently enough (IG if you’re a straight A student a few B’s and 1 C won’t kill you)</p>

<p>I’m going to guess that a downward trend your senior year will all but eliminate you as an RD candidate. On the flip side, an upward trend will have a much better chance of being admitted.</p>

<p>If someone is deferred, generally, Cornell WANTS to see their senior year grades to see if they prove their caliber in the final year. I agree with the above poster–if there is a downward trend, it looks questionable when the Cornell admissions takes a look again at your updated application. On the other hand–(I assume this is ALL hypothetical as described by your question, by the way. Don’t worry!) if you inform them of a national award or some dazzling accomplishment during senior year that you did (meaning, you REALLY stood out due to ECs this year), then I doubt 1 C would hurt. </p>

<p>It depends on the status of the applicant, really.</p>