how important are the sat IIs

<p>I think I may not have done well on one of my subject tests (like maybe a 600) and I am wondering would it be better for me to retake that subject test or to retake the full sat (i have a 1920 right now). I think I can probably raise each about 100 points, so which is more important for me to raise?</p>

<p>It depends on which colleges you want to apply to. Subject tests are only really needed for competitive schools (Ivies, MIT, etc.) </p>

<p>If you plan on applying to one of those schools, I'd say improve both. Otherwise, a 1920 isn't too bad, by normal standards.</p>

<p>well the thing is that i dont think that the college i am applying ed to will allow me to use november scores, so there is really only 1 more testing date for me and thats why i am wondering which i should improve</p>

<p>nvm i just looked last date for the college was november so i guess i will do both</p>