How important are the SATII's?

<p>I've had really bad science teachers, and scored a 540 in bio, 530 in physics, and 470 in chem < got lost going to test center, came in late and frazzled.
In us hist, math, and math II i scored each in the 600's. Basically the weakest part of my app. is SATII's, will they take the 2 highest, or will they judge me by the 470? Is it enough for a rejection if everything else is great?</p>

<p>if you had studied, you wouldn't have gotten such crappy scores</p>

<p>um... ok do you have a vendetta against me, because you are always obnoxious in your remarks. Any helpful commentary?</p>

<p>Yea they take the two highest scores, but either way, your scores are way too low for the ivy league.</p>

<p>one kid got into cornell with a 20 ACT, so who knows...</p>

<p>that kid probably had talent</p>

<p>wow is that true</p>

<p>Cornell doesn't accept people with 20s on the ACT unless they did something amazing like saving the Dalai Lama from a stray bullet.</p>

<p>idk if anyone really knows. My sat2s are pretty bad thats why im not sending them, but if you have a great app and then just bad sat2s i think they might not auto reject and maybe look past it depending on the grades you got in each class. Who knows though.</p>

<p>haha, saving the Dalai Lama from a stray bullet!?!
well, they're only recommended , so I couldn't see it being a devastating auto-reject...
the top two are 640 and 610 which are bad... but not AWFUL, and the science is a 540 and that's after only a month in the class! I believe they also take the Science portion of the ACT into consideration, and I scored a 32, which is around a 720 converted SAT.</p>

<p>"one kid got into cornell with a 20 ACT, so who knows..."</p>

<p>Is this kid any (combination) of the following?
-Recruited athlete
-Underrepresented Minority
-First generation college student
-Low income family
-Preferential candidate
-International Olympiad competitor
-National/ international musician
plus other things I may have missed.</p>

<p>If not, I am really surprised.</p>

<p>how would they get into TASP and RSI with a 20 ACT score?</p>

<p>Idk about him... but I am URM- Hispanic, First generation, low-med. income, single parent, all-state musician, and uncompetetive major. So how does a 640 and 540 make me "very unlikely" ? They accept scores like that from caucasians! And yeah, my SATI scores do suck, I'll be the first to say it. But I tried the ACT, and that format worked better for me. A lot of people have wide ranging scores due to the different formats on each exam.</p>

<p>Are SAT IIs required for Arts and Sciences?</p>

<p>yeah they are. 2 in any subjects</p>

<p>I believe so </p>

<p>CALS is either the only one, or one of 2, that only Recommends, and does not Require</p>

<p>I gave a list of possible 'hooks' in college admissions.</p>

<p>Maybe he scored high on the SAT 1, but the original poster only knew about his ACT score. However, that is pure speculation because we don't know anything about this person.</p>

<p>You scored a 32 in Science, but your past threads listed your overall score as 30 or 31 if Cornell superscores.</p>

<p>I like to think of it this way; what do you have to offer that is different from what other people in your same sitaution have to offer?</p>

<p>I'm OBSESSED with my future major, and it's all that I do in my free time. I've been "forecasting" since I was old enough to draw, (even though the forecasts weren't too accurate back then), and I have a very intense work ethic. I haven't met one other person of the class of 2008 who has wanted to study meteorology like I do. Matter of fact, I haven't met an 08'er who wants to study meteorology! There are tons of applicants who try and cheat the system by applying to this major in order to get into AEM (business) So in the end, what do I offer? I'm genuine, and I genuinely love everything about weather. And I assure you , if there existed an SATII in Meteorology, I would score an 800, not a pathedic 540.</p>

<p>gran, you're Hispanic, you're in.</p>

<p>Stop posting useless threads and save the bandwidth for people who are actually borderline.</p>

<p>go for it!!!!!!!!!!! my sat II scores were all in the 500's and i only scored a 1760 on the SAT I even though i took it THREE times. i applied early to cornell anyways because there really is more to the application then just your test scores. the most important thing that they look at is your GPA and the classes. i would say to not worry so much your tests scores but really focus on all the other things that they look at in youir applicaiton like essays and what not. it is unrealistic to think that everyon who gets into to cornell has a certian test score., Yes, i know that most people score high but not everyone does but there are still really great things in their applications and the admisions officers will see those things too!!!!</p>