How important facor is SAT?

<p>I have a high GPA, 1500 SAT score(the college I am looking at has average 1620 SAT score).
how important is sat when youa re applying to a certain college?</p>

<p>Like 15%-20%. But that's for HYPS schools (Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Stanford, etc). I don't know about the school you have in mind.</p>

<p>franticpizza, I am looking at MCPHS.</p>

<p>15-20%????? I've heard all sorts of answers, but that has to be the craziest. At highly selective schools, all of your stats need to be in line with their typical admissions standards. Less selective schools will bend more if you have a weak area.</p>

<p>What is MCPHS?</p>

<p>I thought you were quite smart when I first read this, but then I realized you meant 1500/2400</p>