How important is a fourth year of language?

<p>Background: I'm currently at a early college residential entrance program where all of my classes are college-level courses. Because of the way college hours work, I effectively have five or six periods each semester, and I have to pay for numbers five and six because of the way my tuition scholarship works. I have to take my four core, and my current elective is ballet and dance performance, which I'm not giving up (it's something I love to do, and has the added benefit of keeping me sane. All other attempts to get me to drop it should end here, please and thank you). My current core classes are, as a junior in high-school/freshman in college, Calc BC, a college junior-level literature class, the equivalent of Physics B AP, and Honors US Hist.</p>

<p>I'm planning on applying to the Ivies/nice LACS, and my question is, how important is taking a fourth year of language rather than just stopping? I have three credits of French (took French one split in middle school) and two credits of Chinese (native speaker, one through examination, one through the actual class). I'll do it if I have to, but I'm a little loathe to have to deal with it. q:</p>

<p>I have nothing valuable to add to this thread, but I just want to follow it. I'm planning on taking 3 years of French (this year is my second year). I would take French 4, but, I've heard absolute horror stories about the French 4 teacher. She's been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, and I don't want to be subject to one of her mental outbreaks (I've been hearing that she lashes out on her students quite often. She's been reported a lot, but the administration won't do anything about it.)</p>

<p>The sad thing is, is that I heard that the curriculum is actually quite easy.</p>

<p>I'm taking Spanish Lit right now as an elective, and I actually had to choose between Spanish and music theory. My counselor told me that not taking a fourth year wouldn't rule me out of any schools, however it would make me more competitive since very few people actually take 5 years of a foreign language.</p>

<p>Im currently taking French 4 and Chinese 1 my freshman year, and I plan to take up to AP French and Chinese 4. From whom Ive talked to (college students who went on a similar course path to me) languages are excellent focal points on apps. You should consider to continue French, but also find an EC relating to French (clubs, etc.) Good luck!</p>