How important is basketball e.c. in Duke admissions?

<p>How important is basketball in Duke "admission"?
Not for athletes, but for general admissions.
I mean, if there were two candidates from the same high school,
one with basketball and one with some other sports like volleyball or something,
would the basketball e.c. be the deciding factor in picking that candidate? especially when the basketball one accentuates it and the volleyball one just mentions it in commonapp (both are not future athletes or anything, just varsity players for high school dedicated to academics not really sports)</p>

<p>It would make no difference at all. I can’t even imagine why someone would think it might. All EC’s would be considered the same, unless the activity/awards/accomplishments prove the applicants offers something truly unique on campus.</p>

<p>Not important at all. A significant majority of us didn’t have it listed as an extra curricular, I’m sure.</p>

<p>I’m literally laughing at how the OP manages to think a particular sport would give him an advantage over another just because that sport is popular at Duke.</p>

<p>Unless you’re a recruited athlete, it’s just another EC </p>


<p>II agree that it has no importance; in fact, were it a potential essay’s focus, it might reduce admission probability because it would likely be rather trite.</p>

<p>Not only that but Broadhead’s wanting to reduce such emphasis on basketball in campus culture might hurt a candidates chances as well.</p>